Voilier aluminium


Main battened with 4 reefs, genoa, solent, staysail, stormsail, gennaker-Code0, asymetric spinnaker

Surface upwind : 154 m2, surface downwind : 278 m2

Sail materials selected for performance i.e. ability to retain shape and lifespan, but also easy repairs in remote cruising areas. High quality woven polyester base reinforced with a ripstop of ultra PE, Spectra or Dyneema yarns. Tri-radial cuts.
Sailclothes : Dimension Polyant Hydranet Radial (H383/433) or Contender Fibercon Hybrid Dyneema (10.65/12.65)

Main sail 78 m2 full-batten with 4 reefs, Genoa 76m2 (roller furler Facnor LX330), Solent 52m2 (furler), Staysail 33m2 (roller furler Facnor LX200)

Gennaker (Code 0) 125m2, Kingrope torque rope, tri-radial cut, Dimension Polyant CZ60 cloth , furler e.g. Ubi Maior FR150RW

Asymmetric spinnaker 200m2 with sock or Code D 175m2 with furler, Nylon (1.5 oz-65g) cloth, tri-radial cut

Stormsail 9m2 removable babystay, Pelican Wichard tensioner, Dacron orange fluo color cloth, cross-cut, one hand sail snaps



Main sail and staysail

Staysail on roller furler, solent on furler



Sailboat Spinnaker


Performances sail plan with the carbon rig option : surface upwind : 168 m2, surface downwind : 328 m2