Vast forepeak exploration sailboat

Forepeaks, lazarette and technical lockers

Vast peaks and lockers to store all sport leisure and expedition gear in addition to sails

A very large forepeak in between 2 watertight bulkheads, worthy of large expedition sailing yachts, a vast lazarette separated from the cabins by another watertight bulkhead and numerous technical lockers are added to the considerable stowage capacity already available inside the boat : cupboards, drawers, boxes under the cabin soles, lockers and boots in the saloon and under the berths; not to mention the large engine compartment under the floor of the pilothouse and several easily accessible technical areas, for example for the watermaker between the 2 aft cabins.
Enough to store all the equipment necessary for sports and exploration, a substantial supply, as well as the tools and spares necessary for the maintenance or the first repairs, to benefit from a very significant self sufficiency.

Forepeak and sails locker

Given that a cabin at the front of a sailboat is quickly unusable in navigation as soon as the sea is formed, because of the greater movements of the boat at the bow and the difficulty of ventilating once hatches need to remain closed; moreover this type of cabin being mostly used as a storage area during passages, we have opted for a very large walk-in forepeak of 3m long with plenty of room to store all sort of equipment .
This peak is located behind a first watertight compartment at the bow and its access is possible both from inside the boat through a bulkhead with a watertight door or through a large deck opening, useful for carrying sails through or pulling out heavy equipment with the help of a halyard.

vast forepeak with sail locker


Up to 12 berths for coastal cruises

At times the sailboat is cruising along a coast, for example in the Mediterranean in summer or in tropical islands, when inviting a large family or many friends on board is planned, a total of 12 berths is possible. In fact, in addition to the 8 fixed berths, a double berth in the saloon, once the table with its telescopic feet has been lowered, and the 2 canvas quarter bunks in the forepeak, usually to store sail bags or equipment, can be used. A configuration not really suitable for blue water cruising or cold areas (no heating in the peak), but quite possible for short cruises with frequent nights at anchor. For meals, the large cockpit table can be used in addition to the saloon table.

workbench with vice in sailing yacht forepeak


Workbench with vice and drawers for tools and hardware. Deck hatch opening above the workbench.

Moutain bikes inside sailboat hold


For cycles enthusiasts, by the way a bicycle being quite handy when travelling, folding bikes can indeed be stored, but real mountain bikes to explore the mountainous islands too. Better not to leave these bikes on deck, due to the salty air or spray quickly damaging them !

A watertight compartment just behind the bow is accessible from the forepeak via an aluminum hatch, the chain locker being lowered and moved back to the level of the second watertight bulkhead. During long passages, fenders can be stored here, but also garbage bags containing recyclable waste: compacted aluminum cans, empty glass bottles or tin cans (rinsed with sea water), plastic packaging, etc.

sailboat bow watertight compartment

Bow peak in front of the 3m long forepeak, tube for the mooring chain path.

Lazarette and technical lockers aft

cockpit lockers exploration sailboat


Technical lockers :

  • Fuel locker with 4 to 6 X 20 litres gasoline jerrys and portable outboard fuel tanks (2 X 12 litres), aft port deck
  • Gas locker : 2 propane 13 kg bottles (up to 4 possible) and/or cubis or composite containers less enclined to rust, aft starboard deck
  • Central cockpit locker inbetween steering wheels for liferaft container and 2 water jerrys (2 X 10 litres backup/survival)
  • Starboard aft locker for 20HP outboard
  • Port aft locker for aft mooring
  • Starboard transom locker for diving tanks (2 X 15 l.) + masks, snorkels and fins
  • Mooring line 150 m Polysteel 20mm on furler, on port transom


lazarette expedition sailing yacht


  Material stored