Voilier aluminium

Aluminium hull

Aluminium structure with frames and stringers. 3 watertight bulkheads. Hull bustle. Aluminium deep centerboard and rudders NACA profiles. Deck & coachroof in premium alloy (Sealium or Alustar).

Aluminium scantlings for ice (summer navigation without over-wintering). Frames and longitudinal stringers structure with reinforcements at the bow, sheer-line and keelson on both sides of the centerboard trunk. Centerboard case, compression posts, integrated tanks, 3 watertight bulkheads and doors. Deck and coachroof in Sealium. Hull bustle Naca profile with thick grounding sole and propeller protective skeg (plus removable cage). Heavy insulation and ventilation for navigations in cold high latitudes or hot tropical zones.

Aluminium structure

Scantlings :

  • Frames (5083H111)(X 19 incl. watertight bulkheads) : Tee profiles 95-115 X 5-6-8 mm and welded flat bars 50-60 X 5 mm
  • Watertight bulkheads : plate 4 and 5 mm, Tee stiffeners
  • Longitudinal stringers (6082 T6): bulbed flat profiles 60x15-11x5 (bottom)and 45x11.5-8x4 (top)
  • Sheer-line tube diam 50 X 5 mm
  • Keelson 8-12mm (bow), deck 6mm
  • Centerboard trunk : 12mm + reinforcements 6-8mm, mast pillar : plating 10mm
  • Coachroof compression post : stainless tube diam30x2mm, wood insulation before aluminium structure
  • Chain locker : 5mm, bottom 10mm
  • Seacocks : tubes diam 20,30,38mm
  • Pilot-house floor structure : square tubes 30X30X2mm
  • Forepeak stores tube structure : diam 20-30x2mm
  • Bowsprit : tubes diam 70x5mm, plates 5mm (reinforcements 10-12mm)
  • Arch structure : tube diam30x5mm, plates 4mm, dinghy lifting device : tube diam30x2mm
  • Pushpits and stanchions : aluminium tubes diam. 30x2mm
  • Stern tube : diam.70x5mm (5754H111)for shaft drive diam. ISO 45mm
  • Rudder tubes : diam. 125mm
 sailboat aluminum structure

Hull scantlings :

  • Hull plates 5083/5086 H111: bottom, bow : 10mm, Garboard : 8mm (10 mm front part), Top sides : 5mm (6mm front)
  • Deck and superstructures (coachroof) Sealium 4mm, stringers T40x40x4mm
  • Cockpit and transom : 5mm, stringers T40x40x4mm, cockpit draining tubes : diam80x2mm
sailboat aluminum hull


Hull bustle/skeg

Grounding sole aluminium 16 mm, sides 12 mm (fillet 8mm), propeller skeg 5mm

Centerboard and rudders

Welded aluminium structure : envelope : 8mm/5mm (centerboard/rudders), structure & stringers : 8/10mm (centerboard), 5mm (rudders)

Integrated tanks

Plates 5mm + reinforcements and baffles
Aluminium tanks (e.g. fuel) integrated into the hull structure offer additional safety i.e. "double-shell"