Aluminum boat

Custom tender

Aluminum versatile modular dinghy for blue water and exploration sailing yacht including high latitudes cruising.

A modular and scalable dinghy ideal for exploration :

An unsinkable dinghy which can be rowed, sailed, motored (electrical engine or powerful outboard once converted into a RIB) and even used as a dynamic lifeboat : a rare bird !

A small rugged aluminum boat with no paint which doesn't mind abrasion or rough landings on rocky shores, doesn't attract too much thieves attention and which can be left all day long locked with a chain alongside a rough dock. For short distances the boat is simply rowed with a couple of oars !

To navigate peacefully around the boat anchorage, a clean and quiet electrical engine can be used. A couple of solar panels can be mounted on a bimini to extend range.
Another alternative really enjoyed by the crew is its transformation into a day sailboat using a windsurf sail and telescopic mast. Really pleasant to sail around the boat mooring and even further.

However as soon as exploring these huge lagoons of the Pacific is at stake, or going fishing or diving or fetching crew members in a nearby harbor while leaving the main boat at anchor, its conversion into a large RIB with a powerful outboard will be well appreciated.

Last but not least, its swift conversion into a dynamic life-raft is possible using a cover to close the boat (already used against rain when along a dock or on a beach) or better an appropriate canopy and a kite wing already on board the main yacht, in addition to the possibility to embark the complete sail kit and oars.

tender sailing around the lagoon

A mere rowboat, sturdy paintless aluminium
Foam blocks positioned along the sheer line as well as in the stern in addition to an enclosed forepeak compartment and 2 watertight lockers make this boat unsinkable.
Outstanding carrying capacity e.g. 5 adults min. with a safe remaining amount of freeboard and before adding the removable Hypalon tubes.

tender as rowboat

Two retractable wheels to easily lift the tender onshore .

tender with retractable wheels

Electrical motor, light (17 kg - 37 lbs), clean and quiet equivalent to a 5CV thermic engine horsepower. Waterproof lithium battery (3500 Wh, 25 kg - 55 lbs) positioned into a bow locker. 10 to 20 NM range. Complete battery charge within 2 hours.

tender with electrical motor

Day sailboat transformation for fun and extended range.

sailboat tender

Windsurf sail and telescopic mast. Rudder easily installed on transom already suited for engines and simple daggerboard in a central case.

day sailboat dinghy

Conversion into a large RIB with powerful outboard.
Safety, carrying capacity, stability and enhanced sea motion.

tender RIB

Removable and sliding Hypalon tubes

sliding Hypalon tubes for RIB conversion

Dynamic life raft

A dynamic life-raft for a short handed crew (3 to 4 pax max. to be able to rest lying down and embark all safety and survival material) using a kite wing or the tender sail rig.

dynamic life-raft with kite

An exposure canopy with an inflatable semi-circular tubes structure can also be added instead of a simple boat cover, making it a self-righting dynamic lifeboat.
Oars and the sail kit with its telescoping mast and boom fit inside the dinghy. Moreover the safety equipment including the canopy, a sea anchor, a boarding ladder, water and provisions and a ditch bag with an EPIRD and a VHF can be stowed within the boat including in its two watertight lockers, so all the appropriate equipment is already there in an emergency.

dynamic lifeboat

The only noticeable drawback with this really versatile and practical tender for an exploration yacht is its inability to be stored inside the boat during long passages, as is the case with a standard RIB tender. It will be left on the boat arch (high above water) or securely tighten on deck. Otherwise a smaller size unit could also be used, but still rather cumbersome to put inside the forepeak.

tender on sailboat arch

This tender relatively small compared to the sail yacht foredeck will not hinder maneuvers and movements on deck.

tender on deck